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2010 Press Releases:

MobilVox Unveils Company Blog

Monday, February 22, 2010

Reston, VA - MobilVox, Inc. is a leader in knowledge-based application development, enterprise search technologies, and software consulting. As a company we realize the importance of keeping an active web presence in front of our clients. To this end we've launched our new company blog. You can visit the blog to read our most recent articles in The MobilVox Blog.

Starting a company blog has become a vital component of any company's online marketing strategy. It's no longer enough to just publish a company website and sit back and relax. MobilVox wants to stay in touch with our existing clients and also any potential new customers. The launch of our new blog will allow us to be timely with the announcement of new products or initiatives and also more responsive to the marketplace as a whole. We believe this blog will allow us to accomplish these goals.

About MobilVox

MobilVox, founded in 1998, is an information technology firm that specializes in the development of custom software applications. Over the course of the company's lifetime, MobilVox has focused on writing software that solves complex problems. The IRIS Suite is one example of that focus, helping customers manage their data and turn questions into actionable information. For more information, visit http://www.irissearch.net or call 703-860-5500.


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