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About MobilVox

MobilVox is a software engineering company that specializes in Knowledge Management, Cognitive Engineering, Modeling and Simulation, and Custom Application Development. Over the last decade we have learned that the most important aspect to any software project is to deliver requested information in a fast, intuitive, and simple manner.

MobilVox was founded on a vision that sought to change the ways in which we interact with information and computers by ensuring that Human-Computer Interaction is optimized for every computer application. MobilVox has invested significant resources in developing state-of-the-art unstructured mining algorithms, e-Discovery, and text analytics to turn information into actionable intelligence. Unstructured data is often found in documents, conversations, email and chat servers, videos and presentations.

Our products and services follow this approach. Our software engineers have experience architecting and implementing enterprise solutions that interoperate with existing legacy systems. We are active contributors to the open source software community while utilizing open source libraries that can be enhanced to tackle any specific project related problem. We are advocates of solid back-end architectures that are critical to any multi-user system supporting numerous concurrent users while also taking pride in our front-end graphical user interface implementations.

The company encourages innovation as a means to keep in touch with the latest technologies. The key to our success is the management of dynamic requirements through an iterative software development model where the development team views constant “end user” feedback as an essential component to the software development process.

We follow software engineering best practices in the analysis, design, implementation, maintenance, and quality assurance of our projects. Our programmers approach every project through constant evaluation and mitigation of risk, enabling the company to build an impeccable Track Record of delivering applications on time and within budget.