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Diver Situational Awareness System (DSAS) Click here to view video

The Diver Situational Awareness System (DSAS) is a portable field kit that brings situational awareness to public safety divers. It does so by applying knowledge management techniques and sensor integration to deliver information exactly at the moment it is needed. During a mission, there is no time to perform multiple queries to get the information needed. DSAS delivers actionable intelligence combined with geospatial analysis technologies.

DSAS is a rugged, water-proof portable computer diving tool intended to help divers perform their critically important missions more efficiently, effectively and safely. The tool's computer application is compatible with any rugged tablet PC and provides diving teams with real-time access to technical, procedural or mission oriented information needed on diving missions.

This diving tool has an easy-to-use touch screen interface containing many features such as safety checklists, dive logs, underwater search plans, tactics; techniques and procedures; dive tables, diving calculators, countermeasure procedures, underwater safe blast distance calculators, vessel evacuation recommendations, GIS satellite imagery and GPS integration among many other mission critical functions.

In addition to enhancing the capabilities of military EOD divers during diving missions, this handy state-of-the-art computer tool can be used in the classroom and during training exercises by all Federal, State and Local maritime security diving personnel.

For more information on the Diver Situational Awareness System, please visit the official DSAS website.