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2009 Press Releases:

MobilVox Releases DSAS 2.0 (Diver Situational Awareness System)

Monday, Feb 23, 2009

Reston, VA - MobilVox, Inc. today announced the release of version 2.0 of its innovative DSAS software. DSAS (Diver Situational Awareness System) adds several new tools to the award-winning software designed to help manage dive teams, using standard US Navy forms, with support for Hull Search, Bottom Search and Underwater Post-Blast Investigation missions. The new tools introduced in DSAS 2.0 include support for searching dive manuals (or other documents) on the computer, generating a Post-Mission Report as a PowerPoint file, managing the software via voice commands, copying images from a web camera and then annotating the images with a paint tool, and other powerful tools.

"DSAS 2.0 is a powerful upgrade for this software," said Enrique Lenz, President, MobilVox. "The new features make it easier than ever to detect limpets and keep our divers safe. The search function makes it simple to quickly browse any manuals and find relevant information for disposal or deactivation of a limpet." About MobilVox

MobilVox, founded in 1998, is an information technology firm that specializes in the development of custom software applications. Over the course of the company's lifetime, MobilVox has focused on writing software that solves complex problems. DSAS is one example of that focus, helping public safety divers and members of the Joint Explosive Ordnance Disposal team detect possible limpet attacks and minimize their impact. For more information, visit http://www.divedsas.com/ or call 703-860-5500.


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