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Federal Contracting Vehicles

MobilVox, Inc. has two important contracting vehicles which allow prospective and current Federal customers an easy and quick way to contract for our high-quality products and services.

1. General Services Administration Information Technology Schedule 70

According to www.gsa.gov, "The Information Technology (IT) Schedule allows for choice, flexibility, ease of use and access to quality businesses in the IT arena from small businesses to the industry giants."

MobilVox offers the following quality services under the GSA 70 Schedule:

2. Small Business Administration 8(a) Program

The Small Business Administration 8(a) Program was created to help minority-owned and other small disadvantaged businesses grow. Through the 8(a) program, MobilVox can be awarded Government contracts on a sole-source, non-competitive basis up to a ceiling of $3 million for goods and services. It also allows MobilVox to form joint ventures and teaming arrangements with other contractors to bid on larger contracts. MobilVox is 8(a) certified through 2013.

Under 8(a), MobilVox can rapidly contract to perform within the following NAICS codes:

For more information on our Federal Contracting Vehicles, please visit http://www.sba.gov/aboutsba/sbaprograms/8abd/index.php

MobilVox also conducts quality business in the areas of the following SIC codes:

MobilVox, Inc. continues to develop and broaden our offerings to be more accessible to all levels of our customers, both government and commercial.