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As a company founded out of research in cognitive technologies, knowledge management, and human-computer interaction, MobilVox is proud to maintain its reputation as a very innovative company. MobilVox's commitment and focus on Research and Development (R&D) is unmatchable as it continuously delivers cutting-edge products to customers while taking a solid position as a market leader.

As a contributor to the open source market, MobilVox's software products, libraries, and solutions are based on the premises of "never reinventing the wheel". We have intellectual property rights to our products and intend on supporting and improving them based on customer feedback. Our R&D innovative concepts and ideas are captured, prioritized, and executed in the form of prototype systems that result in exposure to a larger community of users. Many of these concepts have generated tremendous amounts of interest in many verticals, and as a result, our enterprise search solution portfolio was birthed.

Over the past 10 years, as a result of extensive R&D, MobilVox has successfully launched a number of new software applications that have introduced breakthrough technology into multiple vertical markets. We take pride in our R&D contributions to multiple government agencies in the spaces of cognitive engineering, knowledge management, modeling and simulation, and expertise in mobile solutions.

The IRIS product line is an example on how to reach mass market users to help them mine unstructured data based on knowledge, intelligence and cognitive models. MobilVox is committed to an ongoing improvement for its IRIS product line by adding innovative features to an already established product suite.