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The Intelligent Retrieval Information System (IRIS) Suite consists of Desktop IRIS and Network IRIS. The entire package provides a full solution for the informational needs of businesses and organizations. IRIS goes beyond conventional search tools allowing users to perform searches in multiple languages. Either product can be used independently or in a fully integrated manner depending on your needs.

By applying state-of-the-art unstructured text mining technologies, robust analytics, and advanced entity identification and processing IRIS provides a secure, reliable and accurate enterprise search solution. It allows you to find information in your networks, desktop computer and any websites. It has the capabilities to process these information sources and turn them into actionable intelligence. With IRIS, finding information is extremely easy.

Desktop IRIS:
Desktop IRIS allows you to search Microsoft Office documents, OpenOffice files, Outlook email and attachments, HTML, zip, XML, and many other file formats. You can search for words, terms, and phrases and obtain instantaneous results. Search results are displayed in a tree pane that displays information about the hierarchical organizational structure of desktop directories, network paths and downloaded websites.

Network IRIS:
Network IRIS allows the network administrator to easily setup and index an unlimited number of information repositories according to a pre-defined and recurring schedule. The software runs in an intuitive web-based interface allowing users to add documents into binders to perform advanced text analytics.

For more information on the Intelligent Retrieval Information System, please visit the official IRIS website.