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Nebraska Wireless Telecommunications

Nebraska Wireless Telephone Company provides wireless local loop telephone service to the state of Nebraska as a Personal Communications (PCS) provider utlizing CDMA technology. Peak network operation depends on optimal network performance by individual cells and the network as a whole. MobilVox's optimization process consisted of the following three steps:

Planning and Management:

MobilVox defined the clusters for testing, identified the drive test routes, and specified the network parameters for each route. These parameters vary depending on whether the current focus is RF coverage, handoffs, call processing, call quality, or service reliability.

Network Characterization and Testing:

Network characterization and testing evaluates how well cluster performance meets design goals in the following areas:

These measurements were performed efficiently and with predetermined simulated traffic.

Network Operational Parameters Setting:

These settings were conducted in conjuction with network characterization, improving performance and resolving problems that are uncovered during characterization measurement. Our engineers performed:

Proposed additional value added applications and services