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PEC Solutions

PEC Solutions is a professional services firm that helps Government clients harness the power of information technology to improve mission performance. The company provides customized mission critical solutions for Homeland Security, criminal justice and intelligence, defense, and civilian agencies within the Federal Government and first responders and other components at state and local levels.

Serving the e-government information technology sector, VRI is PEC's premier Information Technology (IT) solutions provider. VRI delivers comprehensive technology services from requirements and design, to development and deployment, to testing and training. MobilVox' responsibility was focused on growing the partnership with VRI in order to supplement existing VRI offerings with MobilVox wireless engineering and wireless data services. This partnership has lead to work with VRI in several opportunities to support the Department of Treasury and all of its Bureaus.

These opportunities include:

Development of a portal site for the Treasury Legal Division:

Developed wireless telecommunication systems and infrastructure contingency plans for Treasury and its bureaus:

Complete program management of wireless testing for Treasury Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks: